The most common mistakes people make on resumes

The former SVP of People Operations at Google shared the most common mistakes people make on their resumes…

Being one of the bigger and most important companies in the world, Google receives about 3 million resumes each year. This is why recruiters must know how to detect mistakes in a systematic way, in order to eliminate those candidates that do not live up to the expected standards.

Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google, has seen more than 20,000 resumes in his whole life. So you can say he’s kind of a resume expert, and therefore, a specialist in finding mistakes. Fortunately, he has shared the most common mistakes people make on their resumes, and the correct way to avoid them:


A CareerBuilder survey informed that more than 50% of resumes have typos. This happens, mostly, to those who are constantly updating their resumes to include new experience or studies. The truth is, that when recruiters read a text with many typos, they can interpret them as a lack of attention to details and eliminate that candidate automatically.

How to avoid it?

Ask someone else to read your document. Sometimes we are so used to our own writing style that we ignore the mistakes. Another technique is to read it from the bottom to the top, this focus will make mistakes more evident.


Although it may be complicated to sum up all experience and studies, reality is that this will demonstrate your synthesis ability before any recruiter. Besides, nobody will read carefully a 10 page resume, because besides boring, it will be tedious. Remember that the only thing a resume does is get you an interview.

How to avoid it?

As a general rule, present one page for each 10 years of labor experience. Be brief and include only relevant information, no one wants to know where did you go to kindergarten.


Resumes should look clean and organized. Unless you are applying for a job as a designer, try not to overuse colors and shapes. Use at least a 10 points font, half inch margins and black ink. Don’t forget spaces between lines and aligned columns. This will make your resume much more friendly to the reader.

How to avoid it?

It’s recommendable to save the archive as PDF, because its format won’t garble when someone opens it as a preview. Also, consider including your name and contact information in every page.


The most common lies people say on their resumes are about how long they were at companies, how big their area was and sales results. Always be honest about your studies and experience, because you can easily be exposed and not only you will not get the job, but you can also be accused of fraud.

How to avoid it?

Be specific with the description of old jobs, as well as the titles you have received. If you still haven’t gotten your diploma, make sure to point that out. Remember that recruiters check all your information, so don’t exaggerate or write ambiguous data.

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