The future of recruiting

Technology has changed the way recruiters work, and it will keep changing it…


Digitalization has changed the way a lot of industries get the job done, and Human Resources is no exception. Technologic tools are key in the HR world, since we’re talking about one of the most important areas for a company.

With technology came automation. And when we think about recruitment, it’s hard to picture candidates or recruiters without using online platforms or software in order to accomplish their goals.

If you are seeking to improve your HR practices, then you have to consider this recommendations to take your recruitment processes to the next level:


Social Media and job platforms

Start using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram as recruiting techniques. Also, for more specialized openings, target the posts on job websites. Don’t forget to measure your results, so you can discover in which platform you get more and better resumes.


Digital archive

Consider implementing a management software so you can store and organize the resumes you receive, as well as interview’s dates, and candidates follow-up.


Tracking pixels

If you are looking for advanced techniques, you might want to consider remarket those visitors that have been on your website looking for jobs. For this, you’ll need a conversion pixel to track users. With it, you will be able to present ads to this possible candidates.


Online tests

To save time, apply all your tests online. Instead of making candidates go to your offices, send them a link with the technic or psychometric exam. Learn their results as soon as they finish and notify them if they are still on the recruitment process.


Digital documentation

Once you’ve found the right candidate, you’re going to need several official documents. Ask them to send the digital versions, so you can file them into their records.

In RHS Latam we use technologic tools for recruitment and selection, to automate processes, avoid mistakes, and accelerate operations. If you are looking to establish your company in Mexico and want to find the best candidates, contact us. We can help you out with a 360° strategy.

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