Recruitment and staff selection

We know the recruitment and staff selection process is very important for your company, and the cycle can have phases filled with doubts. That’s why it’s important to have experts that can advise you in each stage of the process.

We believe that the most important thing to begin with the process is to define in a clear way the requirements of the profile because this will allow us to find and filter the ideal candidates in a more precise way.

Later we manage the publishing of the job openings (we use job boards, social media, etc.) and the first filters are applied. We present the three most viable candidates for interview.

We advise and offer follow up during all the process of the decision making, and the negotiations. We also verify all the references.

We notify the end of the process for all participants.

Presentation of the offer and pre-induction to the selected candidate.


  • Less staff rotation.
  • Saves time in HR area, by only supervising the process.

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The calculation of payroll is a specialized activity that besides time, implies a constant update to fulfill correctly with the legislation and valid normative.

With our calculation payroll service:

  • Save in specialized software.
  • Save time in the calculation of salaries.
  • Avoid mistakes in retentions and dues calculations.
  • Save time in subscribing and unsubscribing employees in IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security).
  • Avoid penalty fees.


  • Stamped receipts on time.
  • More control of incidents and reports.
  • Saving time and internal resources.
  • The flexibility of adapting to the processes of our clients.
  • Payroll dispersion.

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Payroll administration and process

With this service, we provide one-stop-shop solution, which allows us to:

  • Adopt the staff through an employer substitution.
  • Assuming the responsibility in labor, administrative, accounting and fiscal matters.
  • Serving, supervising and controlling the administrative needs of the employees through an accounting executive.

 Hiring of staff

Elaboration of contract and records safe keeping.

 Staff required procedures

Registry in IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security), documentation for processing the payroll payment card, employer letters, labor constancies.

 Migratory processes

Advice to foreign employees and clients.

Updating the client about official provisions

Notification of the emission of new reforms applicable to labor matters in Mexico.

 Remote attention to the employee

Clarification of doubts in IMSS, INFONAVIT, payroll and receipts aspects.

Payroll process

Reception of incidents, calculation and payment of payroll, invoicing, elaboration and delivery of settlements and/or layoffs, delivery of reports, etc.


In RHS Latam we know the priority of the client is its business, that’s why one of the greatest advantages of the service is that CEO’s can dedicate more time and attention to the fundamental part of their company.

Our work is based on Outsourcing, which means that the labor, civil and fiscal responsibility is not directly of the client.

Before the labor authorities, the employer is RHS Latam, that’s why the client won’t have relation with them.

We are a company integrated by professionals specialized in their action area and with great experience with national and international companies.

We have specialized services in labor matters, offering high-quality services with the purpose of decreasing labor risks.

We are focused on your business, therefore we can be flexible in the processes and adapt to the client.

We always work with the latest technology, specialized in our area of expertise.

We offer solutions to the client, decreasing and controlling labor conflicts.

The client will lower its costs because it won’t require the necessary labor structure to administrate the Human Factor of its company.

Alliances with external providers for services related to superior-to-the-law benefits.

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Tax, legal, and tributary consultancy

We provide advice on the most important aspects of your company, such as payroll and Human Resources matters.

Our service offers the security of fulfilling with legal, tax and tributary matters and updates.

We also offer you the complete management of payroll, as well as a one-stop-shop administration of the Human Resources area, one of the most relevant aspects of a company.

This way, you can be sure that your business will function in the most optimum way, by not incurring in penalty fees, avoiding domiciliary visits and putting special attention in Human Capital. Trust our experts in your expansion throughout the world.

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Additional services

If you need support with the management of any other administrative process, we have complementary services so that you can concentrate on your business:

  • Accounting and electronic invoicing.
  • Treasury.
  • Taxes.
  • Audits.
  • Leasing.
  • Corporate finances.

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