Interviews do’s and don’ts

Are you going to an interview soon? You might want to know what to do and what not to do…


When it comes to interviews, first impressions matter. A lot. In just a few minutes, you have to convince your interviewer that you are up for the job. How can you stand out among the other candidates?

The answer is simple: just prepare yourself and avoid making mistakes that can make the recruiter doubt your abilities, professionalism, and knowledge.

In order to achieve a great interview, there are some things that you ought to do (an also not do):



Do your homework: Research the company and get acquainted with their mission, vision, and values.

Rehearse: Rehearse the answers of the most common interview questions.

Make a good impression: Dress appropriately, look clean and neat. Be polite and don’t sit down until they ask you to.

Be confident: Show them you know what you’re talking about. Share examples on how you can add value to the position and the company. Avoid responding only with “yeses” or “nos”.

Ask questions: If you have doubts, don’t be afraid to communicate them to the interviewer.



Be late: Punctuality is key. Make sure you take precautions and try to be there at least 10 minutes early. If traffic gets you, don’t forget to let them know you will be a little late.

Forget relevant documents: Don’t assume they already have your resume. Bring it with you, along with relevant documents such as examples of your work.

Interrupt: Never interrupt the interviewer when they’re talking. Wait until they are finished to jump into the conversation or make a question.

Lie: Never lie. If they ask if you know how to do something and you don’t, be honest.

Be stiff: Don’t just sit there. Try not to forget your body language when you talk.

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