How to turn your LinkedIn profile in an attractive resume

We give you some tips so recruiters not only see, but consider your profile on LinkedIn.


Nowadays, people who look for a job on the classified section of a newspaper are rare. The truth is that online employment platforms are way more common and also, effective.

One great example is LinkedIn, a social community that since 2002 has positioned itself as the greatest business and job digital platform. Just ask around. We can assure you that at least 8 out of 10 of your friends or family have a LinkedIn profile.

But there are different kinds of profile. There are the those who really polish it and try to keep it updated, and then there are those who completely neglect it and don’t really make an effort for it.

If you do it well, there is a great chance a recruiter can contact you (even if you haven’t applied for any position). And if you are looking for a job, it’s very likely that a recruiter will look into your LinkedIn profile. That’s just the way it works today. So if you want to turn your LinkedIn profile into a great resume, consider these tips:



Upload a great picture

When we say “great” we are not referring to a picture where you look great (although it also helps). We mean that it has to look professional. Choose a front photo, where you aren’t wearing sunglasses and there is no one in the background. Whatever you do, don’t chop yourself from a group photo!


Let them know you are looking for a job

There is now an option on LinkedIn where you can let recruiters know you are looking for a job. Here is a brief video that shows you how to turn on that preference:


Brand yourself

Besides including where you went to school and describing your tasks in your previous job, add a paragraph where you share your professional objectives. This way, you can stand out among the competition. Another thing you can do is add diplomas or certifications with links where recruiters can check they are valid.


Improve your SEO

In order to appear on recruiter’s searches you have to be clickable. Use keywords in your descriptions (such as the name of the position you are looking for or a certain ability), complete all your profile, and get recommendations from other users.


Stay updated and active

Staying updated is easy. You just have to include every job experience you have ever had. Staying active, on the other hand, may be more of a challenge. You don’t have to write articles or make videos, but you can share posts from sources that have to do with your area of expertise and comment interesting insights.

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