How to be more productive in the workplace


Are you having a hard time focusing? We give you 3 tips to start being more productive at your job.


Do you find yourself being distracted often? Do you feel tired at your job? Do you think that you have so many tasks to get done that you will never finish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, sounds like you could use some tips to be more productive in the workplace. Here are three main areas that you ought to work in:


Take care of yourself

  • Sleep well: It’s a known fact that a good night sleep reflects on your energy the next day. For adults, 7 hours of sleep are the ideal to fully recover and recharge.
  • Eat healthy: Start your day with a smoothie or fruit. Remember to eat fresh and avoid processed food, since this kind of products tend to decrease your energy throughout the day.
  • Give yourself little breaks: If you don’t allow yourself to take a break, it’s very likely that you will stop being productive and collapse instead. Get up, stretch, have a tea or coffee, and then go back to work.



  • Plan your day: Try to write a to do list the night before. Be realistic and don’t overcharge yourself, specially if you are well aware of the unannounced tasks that come up every day.
  • Prioritize: With your to do list as a guide, assign priorities to each task. Which things have to get done today? What can wait until tomorrow?
  • Do one task at a time: Don’t try to do everything at once. The truth is that you will do a better job if you focus in one thing a time. And if something urgent comes up, tell the person who requested it that you will get started at soon as you finished what you were doing.



  • Ask not to be disturbed: When chatty coworkers approach you, tell them that you have a lot o work to get done and can’t be disturbed. If you are polite, they will understand.
  • Silence your phone: The notifications from your phone can be very distracting. So silence your phone and if you have to, keep it away from you.
  • Assign times to check your email: Emails popping up in your screen can draw one’s attention. Don’t feel like you have to answer them all right away. Maybe check them every 2 hours or so, it will surprise you what this simple thing can do to improve your productivity.

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