Emotional salary: 10 ideas to implement in your company

Why should you start opting for emotional salary to motivate your employees?

One of the best ways to incentive workers of an organization, according to Human Resources experts, is through emotional salary. This type of pay is non-economic, and besides improving the work environment, it helps propitiating a good attitude among employees.

This motivation proves that salary complements can influence the way employees work, act and behave inside the company. That’s why it’s important to implement emotional salaries, no matter the type of business you run, because they may improve its operations and activities.

If you are looking to establish your company in Mexico, consider emotional salary for your new employees. You won’t regret it.


  • Less staff rotation.
  • Fewer absence.
  • More productivity and efficiency.
  • More sense of belonging to the company.

10 ideas of emotional salary that will benefit your employees:

  • Home office: Consider this work mode when the type of labor allows it. Also, when employees are sick, out of town or have personal commitments.
  • Training: Now and then, it’s important that you train your employees in the different areas of your company.
  • Workshops: You can also offer language classes, literature courses or photography lessons.
  • Flexible hours: Think about rewarding your employees with a flexible schedule, for example, on Fridays.
  • Days off: Besides holidays, you could grant Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve or even their birthdays.


  • Extra benefits: You reward your employees with some coupons for food or gas when they achieved a difficult goal.
  • Fun activities: Organize activities like raffles, volunteer work or sport pools.
  • Discounts: Find alliances with different establishments to offer promotions on stores, cinemas, restaurants, or gyms.
  • Events: Celebrate your company’s anniversary by surprising your employees with a BBQ.
  • Day care or cafeteria: If a lot of your employees have children, think about implementing a day care few days a week. Also, consider installing a cafeteria for them.

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