3 different ways to motivate your employees

If you want to propitiate a healthier and more productive work environment, you ought to consider a different type of motivation…


One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is the lack of motivation they feel when getting out of bed to get to work. Of course, it is extremely important to motivate employees through emotional salary, such as bonuses, flexible hours and cafeteria. But there are some other ways to appreciate collaborators inside a company.

Here are some different strategies you can try to propitiate a better work environment in your office, that will ultimately benefit everyone.



We can´t forget that we are social beings. It’s normal that between all the chaos of an office kindness becomes secondary. But you have to remember to recognize good work and reward loyalty. Don’t’ forget to treat others with respect, especially if you are a leader (people see, people do).


Self care

If your employees feel good it will reflect on their work. Consider offering gym memberships, the possibility of doing home office, breaks at the middle of the day, healthy snacks, etc. And don’t exhaust your employees. If they leave the office at 10 pm, you can’t expect them to be well rested the next morning.



Studies have shown that uninspired employees are more likely to leave their jobs… So, how can you be inspiring to those around you? Try explaining, not just with words, why the work they do is relevant. It doesn’t matter the type of business you run, it’s always important to let employees know about the profits the company is making. Try to organize an annual meeting to do this.

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How to be more productive in the workplace

Are you having a hard time focusing? We give you 3 tips to start being more productive at your job.


Do you find yourself being distracted often? Do you feel tired at your job? Do you think that you have so many tasks to get done that you will never finish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, sounds like you could use some tips to be more productive in the workplace. Here are three main areas that you ought to work in:


Take care of yourself

  • Sleep well: It’s a known fact that a good night sleep reflects on your energy the next day. For adults, 7 hours of sleep are the ideal to fully recover and recharge.
  • Eat healthy: Start your day with a smoothie or fruit. Remember to eat fresh and avoid processed food, since this kind of products tend to decrease your energy throughout the day.
  • Give yourself little breaks: If you don’t allow yourself to take a break, it’s very likely that you will stop being productive and collapse instead. Get up, stretch, have a tea or coffee, and then go back to work.



  • Plan your day: Try to write a to do list the night before. Be realistic and don’t overcharge yourself, specially if you are well aware of the unannounced tasks that come up every day.
  • Prioritize: With your to do list as a guide, assign priorities to each task. Which things have to get done today? What can wait until tomorrow?
  • Do one task at a time: Don’t try to do everything at once. The truth is that you will do a better job if you focus in one thing a time. And if something urgent comes up, tell the person who requested it that you will get started at soon as you finished what you were doing.



  • Ask not to be disturbed: When chatty coworkers approach you, tell them that you have a lot o work to get done and can’t be disturbed. If you are polite, they will understand.
  • Silence your phone: The notifications from your phone can be very distracting. So silence your phone and if you have to, keep it away from you.
  • Assign times to check your email: Emails popping up in your screen can draw one’s attention. Don’t feel like you have to answer them all right away. Maybe check them every 2 hours or so, it will surprise you what this simple thing can do to improve your productivity.

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6 reasons why you should promote healthiness in the workplace

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients” – Richard Branson.


Employees are the most important piece of the puzzle (assuming, of course, the puzzle is a company). That’s why business owners and managers should worry about their collaborator’s wellbeing. Health reflects on productiveness. So if you want your employees to do better at the workplace, you should be encouraging them to carry a healthier lifestyle.

In 2016, the Mexican government declared an epidemic alert because of the high prevalence of obesity and overweight problems on 72% of the population.

To prevent the growth of this percentage, it’s important that companies start promoting healthy diets and exercise among their employees. Here are some reasons to start doing it:

Fewer sick days: People who follow healthy diets and work out tend to have a stronger immune system, which translates in less diseases.


Less stress: Exercise releases tension of our bodies. This is great for maintaining low levels of stress not only in the workplace, but also on a personal level.


More energy: Fit people have more energy throughout the day. This makes employees more focused and efficient.


Discipline: Those who follow diets or exercise routines are very disciplined, which is necessary in the workplace in order to get the job done.


Ambition: Fit people often set and reach goals when it comes to exercise. This kind of ambition is also relevant with professionals goals.


Genuine concern: Proposing a healthier lifestyle among collaborators shows a genuine concern. This will make employees feel better at the company and will resonate on their performance.

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The secrets to having successful performance evaluations

Let’s rethink the annual performance evaluation in order to have better results.


Performance evaluations are formal systems that, as their name indicates, evaluate the fulfillment of obligations of employees during a specific period of time. The truth is that done traditionally, this concept tends to have a negative connotation because both managers and employees dislike them.

But done correctly, performance evaluations can be really useful for everyone who participates in them. Since they are kind of mandatory, you might as well do it right.

You already know (or been given) the process. That’s why today we want to share some recommendations that will make performance evaluations in your company a better experience for everyone:


Take things seriously

Stop thinking of performance evaluations as tedious work for you, and really focus on all the benefits it can bring you and your collaborators. Don’t do them just for obligation. Take the time to truly think every question and answer profoundly (if the type of question allows it).


Do it twice a year

Most performance evaluations are annual. But it doesn’t have to be a rule. The recommendation is to do it twice a year, that way performance, objectives, and comments are fresher. Besides, it’s easier to compare semesters than years.


Customize evaluations

Normally, companies have one model for performance evaluations. And while they are very efficient, maybe some questions do not apply to certain areas of the business. Feel free to edit evaluations according to the tasks employees perform.


Set measurable goals

The whole purpose of performance evaluations is to identify what are employees doing good, doing bad, and where they can improve. This is why you set goals for the next months. So don’t just tell them to get better, really establish specific and measurable goals.


Don’t let it be your only insight when promoting or giving raises

It’s common for companies to give raises or promote those who did well on their evaluations. Of course it’s a good indicator, but don’t let it influence your judgment when considering good things for your employees. Remember that evaluations will change every time you make them, and so will your employees.

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Emotional salary: 10 ideas to implement in your company

Why should you start opting for emotional salary to motivate your employees?

One of the best ways to incentive workers of an organization, according to Human Resources experts, is through emotional salary. This type of pay is non-economic, and besides improving the work environment, it helps propitiating a good attitude among employees.

This motivation proves that salary complements can influence the way employees work, act and behave inside the company. That’s why it’s important to implement emotional salaries, no matter the type of business you run, because they may improve its operations and activities.

If you are looking to establish your company in Mexico, consider emotional salary for your new employees. You won’t regret it.


  • Less staff rotation.
  • Fewer absence.
  • More productivity and efficiency.
  • More sense of belonging to the company.

10 ideas of emotional salary that will benefit your employees:

  • Home office: Consider this work mode when the type of labor allows it. Also, when employees are sick, out of town or have personal commitments.
  • Training: Now and then, it’s important that you train your employees in the different areas of your company.
  • Workshops: You can also offer language classes, literature courses or photography lessons.
  • Flexible hours: Think about rewarding your employees with a flexible schedule, for example, on Fridays.
  • Days off: Besides holidays, you could grant Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve or even their birthdays.


  • Extra benefits: You reward your employees with some coupons for food or gas when they achieved a difficult goal.
  • Fun activities: Organize activities like raffles, volunteer work or sport pools.
  • Discounts: Find alliances with different establishments to offer promotions on stores, cinemas, restaurants, or gyms.
  • Events: Celebrate your company’s anniversary by surprising your employees with a BBQ.
  • Day care or cafeteria: If a lot of your employees have children, think about implementing a day care few days a week. Also, consider installing a cafeteria for them.

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How to improve the work environment in your office

Some keys that not only will improve the work environment, but also the productivity and performance of your employees.

No matter the size of your business, the work environment aspect is always one of the most important factors to propitiate the productivity of workers. This task consists in the implementation of small details, that while they may seem simple, they can accomplish a huge change in the employees’ performance.

It’s important to have in mind the values that define the organization, because they will guide the HR area to execute practices that can upgrade the work environment.

The idea is that employees feel proud to work in the company, and that they are so comfortable, that their only goal will be achieving objectives. So if you are looking to establish your company in Mexico, here are some of the things you can implement to improve its work environment:

Maintain a relationship of respect: In order to achieve this, communication is vital. Make sure you communicate a coherent and honest speech. You can organize monthly reunions between managers and employees to talk about advances and results in a clear way.

Be a close leader: Good leaders get close to their team. Remember that they are the most important piece of the company, so it’s important that you get to know them and make sure they understand the institutional goals.

Inspire them through emotional salary: This term is used for non-economic retributions. Some examples can be flexible hours, day cares or discounts in different stores.

Make employees feel heard: It’s important to propitiate creativity among your employees, so you can organize reunions where they suggest ideas, or on the other hand, communicate problems or uncomfortable situations at work.

Keep facilities in good conditions: A clean and complete office motivates employees. Also, make sure to update your programs, there is nothing more frustrating than working with inefficient tools.

Encourage constant training: Trainings are excellent ways to encourage the development of your employees. Offer them useful courses, that make them want to keep working for you.

Promote activities that don’t have to do with work: Sometimes it’s important to organize projects that don’t necessarily have to do with work. Some examples are sport pools, volunteer work or recycle initiatives.

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Signs that it’s time for an HR department

When should your company implement a Human Resources area?

When starting a new company, most people won’t even consider having a Human Resources department. “Maybe when we have more employees”, they say. So they start operating without the area that takes care of the most important factor in an organization: the human factor.

Contrary to popular belief, an HR department not only supervises work environment, but also manages aspects like recruitment, staff selection, mitigation of labor risks, compliance of legal and tax issues, payroll, among others.

This is why it’s important to have an HR area in your business, whether it is a start up or a big company. And if you don’t want to implement a whole department inside your office, you can opt for Outsourcing, the greatest way to handle all HR related subjects without actually having to handle them yourself.

Here are some signs that it’s time to start thinking about HR for your business:

When technology tools aren’t enough

Surely technology means a huge help when managing aspects like payroll. But the truth is, that while tools are useful and innovative, they don’t replace employees. Things like hiring should be done by people, because face-to-face contact can create a positive employee experience, which couldn’t be achieved with technology alone.

When random people assume HR responsibilities in case of incidents

You know you need an HR department when random employees start functioning as HR experts when problems arise. First of all, when this happens, a hole is left in another area of the company. And second of all, although the employee meant well, s/he is not really an HR expert, so who knows if the problem was properly solved or just controlled for the moment.

When no one is taking care of compliance and legal aspects

Payroll is without a doubt one of the most important tasks of an HR department. And if no one is paying attention to new tax provisions, mandatory requirements or legal aspects, the company can be in big problems. When specialized people take care of this area, sanctions are avoided and employees don’t experience delays or problems with their payments.

When unexperienced people are recruiting employees

Let’s not forget that recruiting, interviewing and selecting staff is a complex and specific duty that has to be done by Human Resources experts. Certainly, eventually the manager of the area will have to interview candidates, but it should be mentioned that these candidates were firstly selected by an HR expert. This is because only experts know how to recruit qualified people, so don’t tell one of your employees to start doing this job if they have no clue how to do it.

When the company grows 

There’s not an established number that indicates that your company is now a big company. You can have 5, 50 or 500 employees when your business starts to feel messy and disorganized. The minute you detect many problems, doubts or bad attitude from your staff, start considering an HR department. Besides, having this area will improve your image and endorse your formality as a company.

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