6 recruiting mistakes companies often make

Are you making recruiting mistakes without even knowing? Discover the most common errors organizations make when looking for new employees

Recruiting is one of the most important tasks of HR areas, for they are literally selecting among lots of candidates the most likely to get the job done. Of course there is no guarantee that the hired employee is going to be perfect, nevertheless, there are some things you ought to do (or stop doing) to find the right candidate.

The truth is that most of the time, recruiters don’t realize they’re making mistakes. That’s why it’s important to identify the most common ones to avoid or face them.

If your staff rotation is too high, if the recently hired employees are not delivering, or if they don’t get along with your institutional values, it’s probably because your recruiters are making some of these mistakes:


Wrong job descriptions

When advertising job positions, be very clear and specific. Otherwise, you will attract the wrong candidates and waste a lot of time. In your ad, describe the profile you are looking for, the knowledge the must have, the main functions they will execute, and of course, the monthly salary.


Saying “no” to overqualified candidates

It’s common for recruiters to reject overqualified candidates because they are afraid that they will get bored or eventually get another job. The truth is that an experienced candidate can contribute a lot to a company and its employees, regarding the time they worked with them. Never hire people less qualified than you. This often happens when recruiters want to appear more talented, but the truth is that it can damage the business. Think that A players must always hire A+ players.


Ignoring loyal employees        

Sometimes, recruiters forget that hiring existent employees is sometimes the best option. They are people that know the processes, operations, and values. So consider offering promotions or more benefits to these employees and fill job positions.


Not staying in touch with candidates

When it comes to the recruiting process, follow up is vital. If you found a candidate you are really interested in, don’t give up after one ignored call or email. Also, don’t fail to inform the candidates if they are still in the process or not.


Trusting the interview too much

Surely the interview is very relevant when recruiting candidates. However, don’t take it as the only way to know if someone is qualified. Don’t forget to double check previous experience, verify certifications, and call for references.


Rushing the process

If you haven’t found the right candidate, don’t rush it. Reality is that rehiring costs 20% of an employee’s salary. So don’t hire just anyone in order to fill a chair. Take your time and interview twice if you have to.

In RHS Latam we have specialized recruiters that will guide and advise you through this process until you are happy with your decision. If you are establishing your company in Mexico, and are in need of new and qualified employees, contact us. We can help you with this important aspect of HR.

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