3 different ways to motivate your employees


If you want to propitiate a healthier and more productive work environment, you ought to consider a different type of motivation…


One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is the lack of motivation they feel when getting out of bed to get to work. Of course, it is extremely important to motivate employees through emotional salary, such as bonuses, flexible hours and cafeteria. But there are some other ways to appreciate collaborators inside a company.

Here are some different strategies you can try to propitiate a better work environment in your office, that will ultimately benefit everyone.



We can´t forget that we are social beings. It’s normal that between all the chaos of an office kindness becomes secondary. But you have to remember to recognize good work and reward loyalty. Don’t’ forget to treat others with respect, especially if you are a leader (people see, people do).


Self care

If your employees feel good it will reflect on their work. Consider offering gym memberships, the possibility of doing home office, breaks at the middle of the day, healthy snacks, etc. And don’t exhaust your employees. If they leave the office at 10 pm, you can’t expect them to be well rested the next morning.



Studies have shown that uninspired employees are more likely to leave their jobs… So, how can you be inspiring to those around you? Try explaining, not just with words, why the work they do is relevant. It doesn’t matter the type of business you run, it’s always important to let employees know about the profits the company is making. Try to organize an annual meeting to do this.

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